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If machines could talk…

... they’d say manufacturing roles are changing.

If machines could talk… they’d want to collaborate better.

Working from home is now the new normal. The safety of your employees is paramount as is their ability to stay connected with colleagues to ease the anxiety of working alone. Bringing your team together has never been more important. Being able to collaborate and remain productive is crucial to maintaining that normality. To do so requires you and your employees to access critical business applications outside the traditional boundaries of your network – creating a new range of connectivity, security and collaboration challenges.

Bringing your teams together, no matter where they are.

Connect people, teams, processes, systems and machines to enable unified collaboration, and autonomous and decentralised decision making. Support your teams to make faster and better decisions with simplified communications, consistent access from anywhere and on any device.

With the majority of businesses facing similar challenges, the demand on non-business networks is greater than ever. Secure access is essential and so is assurance of predictable performance over the internet through intelligent routing.

Back in the workplace, the machines - the ones who live on your current network - would tell you what they think you should do if they could talk. And if they could, they’d tell you they’d choose Tata Communications.

Meetings no longer need rooms. They just need a network you can trust.

EXCLUSIVE: Find out how your teams can be better connected.

If machines could talk: The road to Smart Manufacturing

Read our exclusive content that will help you meet the demands of the challenges in manufacturing: like improving collaboration and increasing productivity amongst your teams with a secure and assured network.

Download our industry paper to discover how you can bring your team closer together.

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Secure and connected digital workplace

Harness the rising potential of remote working solutions that can enable a truly seamless and secure digital workplace.

Experience the benefits of:

  • Re-opening for a safe and contactless workforce
  • Secure application access & performance
  • Remote collaboration and customer experience command centre
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Digital customer experience

Future-proof your customer experience strategy to meet the evolving preferences of digital shopping and decreasing footfall.

Experience the benefits of:

  • Digital-first, secure collaboration experiences
  • Safe, seamless and connected applications
  • Digital retail experiences augmented with audio and video
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Beyond the crisis: Thriving in the new world of manufacturing

In this industry paper we discuss how manufacturing enterprises must plan for a recovery that can help them not just survive but thrive.

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Digital transformation in manufacturing

From factory operations and supply chain to customer service, digital trends are reshaping Manufacturing. Learn how at Tata Communications we make the migration seamless.

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The Connected Industrial Workforce

Learn how you can implement zero-incident safety policy at your manufacturing plant with our end-to-end workplace safety solution.

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