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Driving digital transformation

Every day, billions of people depend on digital technologies to work, interact, transact and play. From multinationals and new-age tech start-ups to students and small business owners, everyone has a dependence on digital tools in their day-to-day lives. Tata Communications’ role as a digital ecosystem enabler, therefore, goes beyond the provisioning of products and services. We adopt a holistic approach that recognises the link between business, environment, and society. While we are harnessing the power of new-age technologies like IoT, 5G, and AI to build the foundation of a new digital world, we are focused on doing this is in a way that is sustainable and equitable. Our goal is to make a positive, tangible impact on the environment and society through our actions and our products and services for our customers. Driven by our purpose to Deliver a New World of Communications™, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the digital future while doing good for people, the planet and communities we touch.

Our approach

By linking everyone to a digital ecosystem, we are using the enabling power of technology to minimise environmental harm, to help our customers optimise their resources, and to empower communities by extending capabilities. At Tata Communications, sustainability is built on the premise that positive economic results are possible when we effectively manage our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities. We take responsibility for the impacts of our internal operations by:

  • Choosing approaches that are least likely to impact the environment
  • Providing an inclusive and equitable workplace for our employees
  • Actively volunteering and engaging with our communities
  • Committing to ethical business behaviour

Our strategy

Our sustainability strategy is based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, stakeholder engagement, and materiality process. It is also closely aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to contribute toward a meaningful change around the world. We aim to create long-term stakeholder value and sustainable growth for our business by managing risks and embracing opportunities, implementing robust governance practice, and optimisation of the economic, environmental and social performance. We have confidence that digital technology and sustainability go hand‑in‑hand as it brings proficiencies and growth with considered utilisation of resources while changing how we develop and use technologies.

Message from MD & CEO – TATA Sustainability Month

Organized by the TATA Sustainability Group every June, TATA Sustainability Month (TSM) aims to build an understanding of how the TATA Group views sustainability, demonstrate how individuals and businesses can make sustainable impact and inspire our colleagues to take this understanding to the next level and make a change in their lives. Through the brand identity of Sustainable Meaningful Actions for a Responsible Tata (SMART), TSG works towards building a culture of sustainability among group companies through fresh themes and campaigns each year. TATA Communications have been conscientiously building a better world step-by-step and the TSM is a month-long celebration for us to extend our activities to all our employees globally and get them to engage to multiply the action.

Message from MD & CEO – TATA Sustainability Month

Our sustainability strategy has a 360-degree focus, comprising three dimensions – People, Planet and Community.

  • People – At the heart of our success

    Our employees drive our business through their dedication and spirit of innovation, backed by a supportive and inclusive workplace. We meet and resolve challenges together. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on any grounds. We provide our people an open, safe and motivating work environment that fosters their abilities and helps them grow through learning and development.

  • Planet – Green at every step

    We take a sustainable approach in every aspect of our business to ensure that our environmental footprint is minimal. We minimise our energy usage in our operations and ensure that the local ecology is not harmed when we build our network infrastructure across the globe. We are helping to combat climate change and create a greener future by investing in digital innovations that reduce our environmental footprint across the world.

  • Community – Connected, empowered

    As we link everyone to a digital ecosystem, we often ask ourselves - who is left out? Corporate Social Responsibility, therefore is an opportunity at Tata Communications to ensure everyone’s included, everyone’s connected. By leveraging our core expertise and translating it at the societal level, we are committed to create connected societies to advance the wellbeing of people and planet under our four priority areas – education, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and environment.

  • Sustainable Development Report

    Our Sustainable Development Report 2022 covers the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance-related performance for the financial year 2021-22 (1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022). Communicating how we have fared on the sustainability scale not only increases transparency but also augments our accountability to our stakeholders. This report includes aspects that are most material to our stakeholders and our business.

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