DDoS protection services overview

Every business sector in every region has witnessed a marked increase in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks are designed to disrupt operations by targeting the lifeblood of a business, its IT backbone . Any attack that succeeds can irreparably harm business reputation. Tata Communications offers multi-layered DDoS protection services, enabling you to manage business risk by defending your organisation from complex, high volume attacks with real-time detection and mitigation. Our DDoS protection solution helps protect vital assets such as your data centre and business-critical applications.

Features that set our DDoS services apart

  • Continuously monitored: Traffic is constantly analysed for anomalies
  • Real-time detection and mitigation: Protecting critical assets such as the data centre and using cloud signalling to raise the alarm during a volumetric attack
  • Real-time security updates: Forensics and attack reports mean you have more control over how you respond to attacks than ever before
  • Advanced detection capabilities: Our DDoS protection services use statistical analysis methods to identify attacks in progress
  • Comprehensive reporting: Customers have access to detailed traffic and alert reports, plus TCP and UDP protocol traffic summaries
  • Immediate notification: Mitigation of attacks happens rapidly, before your last-mile and data centre resources are affected. When an attack is detected via distributed denial of service, you get alerts of low, medium or high severity, sent via email or displayed on the security portal
  • Certified expert staff: Our Cyber Security Response Centre (CSRC) is staffed by certified and experienced security professionals who monitor and manage your services 24/7/365

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Hear what our customers have to say

  • Col Rajmohan Rajgopala (Retd)
    Head IT Infrastructure and Infosec , Titan

    As the business grows, cyber security has become an important concern for all. System downtime means revenue loss for the business and potentially credibility. Our partnership with Tata Communications ensures security across multiple security domains. With one of the broadest portfolio of managed security services including DDoS mitigation, Network / web application firewall, SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment , Tata Communications delivers security strategies that help us understand risks, identify and respond to threats quickly, gauge our current security state and prepare ourselves to protect against today’s most sophisticated attacks. To bolster our security posture and to keep up with the ever-evolving information security landscape, we partnered for our security operations with them around 5 years back. Its advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) with a team of highly skilled people operate round-the-clock to monitor, prevent, detect, analyse and respond to cyber security incidents. As our managed security services provider, Tata Communications supports us with a comprehensive approach to manage cost and complexity of security technologies. We are confident that with them we can conduct our business processes effectively without being unduly concerned on security operations.

  • Nikunj Kampani
    IT Director, , Syscon Infoway

    Tata Communications did everything as quickly as possible to mitigate the network attack. They instantly grasped the extent of the situation and deployed a DDoS solution – even before a contract was signed

  • Akhil Wadhavkar,
    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), , Sharekhan

    The comprehensiveness of the solution and the advanced systems integration skills offered were the most important factors in our decision to adopt a managed DDoS protection system from Tata Communications.

Let DDoS protection solutions ensure business continuity and your brand reputation