Maximise your business connectivity with the power of Tata Communications. Our Tier-1 IP network powers nearly 30% of the world’s internet routes through over 24 tbps of IP backbone.   With a global, single ASN via over 240 points of presence, our network enhances global experiences. It means you can give your customers and employees a superior online experience across uninterrupted and speedy on-net routing covering six continents.   With Tata Communications, integrating is easy. Connect to 70% of the world’s top content providers – including the top 5 global content providers – directly through our IP network and more than 640 ISP global partners. The service is backed by industry-leading SLAs and dependable 24/7/365 support – so you experience 100% uptime and service availability.


  • >20 Tbps capacity
  • 240+ IP PoPs
  • 240,000+ km of cable
  • >15,000 Peta bits traffic
  • >30% of Internet routes share
  • 21 scrubbing farms spread globally


  • Around 30% of global internet route share via our network
  • Over 15,000 Petabits of internet traffic travel through our global IP backbone
  • More than 20 TBps of IP backbone spanning six continents
  • Connected to top five content providers plus 70% of the top 20 content providers and extensive peering partners
  • With 21 scrubbing farms spread globally, Tata Communications enables best-in-class security for business continuity
  • 100% of our PoPs are IPV6 ready
  • Global IP backbone connected to 240+ IP PoPs in 30+ countries
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