Secure Connected Digital Experience

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Secure Connected Digital Experience
As economies recover from the pandemic evolving beyond its imminent threat, enterprises must learn and adapt from the months spent under lockdown. Leaders are actively evaluating how they can organise a new world defined by minimum in-person interactions & remote working.
Are meeting apps not easy to access or use at home?
Worried about insecure data exchanges over the public internet?
VPNs and browsers slowing office applications down?
Trying to re-energise in-store customers?
Is your pre-pandemic digital presence resilient to scale CX?
Do your agents need unified omni-channel CRMs?
The digital-first enterprise

Secure and connected digital workplace

There is a paradigm shift in how we work. Remote working is and will continue to be the new normal. Harness the rising potential of remote working solutions that can enable a truly seamless and secure digital workplace.

Experience the benefits of:
  • Re-opening for a safe and contactless workforce
  • Secure application access & performance
  • Remote collaboration and customer experience command centre

Digital customer experience

Future-proof your customer experience strategy to meet the evolving preferences of digital shopping and decreasing footfall. Experience the benefits of:
  • Digital-first, secure collaboration experiences
  • Safe, seamless and connected applications
  • Digital retail experiences augmented with audio and video
Connectivity for a digital-first new normal
Unifying an ecosystem of solutions to build an agile foundation for the digital-first enterprise.
Building agile, digital-first businesses
Creating safe, secure, seamless digital workplaces
Enabling rich digital customer experiences
The outbreak of COVID and subsequent work from home imperatives have led to the requirement of a strong and reliable network. Tata Communications played a pivotal role in setting up a proactive business continuity plan to ensure we scaled our network connectivity in an agile manner without any bandwidth constraints. They leave no stone unturned to delight us. They have helped us set up a solid foundation upon which we run our network.
Consultant - NOC,, Atos Syntel
Let's build a new normal