Get programmable A2P messaging and enterprise SMS solutions through our cloud communication systems

Tata Communications CPaaS helps you extend new services and omni-channel communication options across the mobile ecosystem and encompass a range of customer interaction capabilities. With our services you get the flexibility to embed mobile messaging into your applications and rest assured about the delivery of your mobile messages, while enhancing your customer experiences and interactions. Use Tata Communications CPaaS APIs to integrate our messaging service into your applications and build new customer engagement options. As you enhance the way you interact with your customers, partners and employees, we ensure that all your communication is being delivered right on time and help you convert to more closures.

Choose an enterprise messaging service with a difference

  • One agreement, multiple advantages

    Get a simplified messaging service interactions on a single platform with just one streamlined agreement that ensures that you have complete visibility over your usage.
  • Complete mobile marketing

    A2P messaging enhances your business’s marketing plans and ensures that you have a direct inroad into your customers notice. Integrate a reliable messaging service that is low on cost and high on returns.
  • Easily integrated enterprise SMS

    While you plan your messaging, you can rest assured that our messaging service will fit easily into your ongoing marketing plans and budgets, and complement your connectivity strategy perfectly.
  • Greater visibility and control

    With analytics enable intuitive dashboards, get complete control and visibility of traffic generation, volume and delivery through our enterprise SMS platform.

Hear from our customers

Rahul Vijay
Head of Global Telecom, Uber

To ensure a great user experience for the Uber application, Uber uses Tata Communications’ digital infrastructure including voice, SMS, private networking and Internet capabilities to power various Uber applications globally.

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