WAN Ethernet from Tata Communications enable you to maximise business efficiency with speeds from 1Mbps up 100 Gbps in point-to-point or multipoint configurations. Our Backbone Bridging technology connects you to global sites with plug-and-play connectivity, enhancing customer experiences everywhere.   Our fully flexible solutions grow with your business as your needs evolve. Low-cost pricing plans from 2Mbps to 10Gbps mean you can sign up for more bandwidth in small steps as required. GDE burst ability makes our solutions even more flexible – enabling bandwidth changes in real time.   Manage network risk easily thanks to Provider Backbone Bridging – protecting individual traffic streams with dedicated paths and bandwidth that avoids congestion experienced on other Multiprotocol Label Switching networks. Our cost-effective infrastructure and service management is powered by the world’s only completely-owned fibre ring network encircling the globe.


  • National Dedicated Ethernet – Indian market / protect option only
  • Global Dedicated Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet (PBB) – secure, resilient, high-speed dedicated connectivity, with transparent pipe, no MAC limit, no MAC learning and Deterministic Network Protection
  • Priority Ethernet Service (MPLS) – point-to-point topology and point-to-multipoint, with four classes of service and mesh protection
  • Priority Stretch (IP platform) – point-to-point, single class of service, with mesh protection and a choice of interfaces
  • Low latency – a new network connecting ten major business hubs globally with Dedicated Ethernet and MultiPoint Ethernet
  • Protect Port or Dual Local Loop – for high resiliency for local loop, with a choice of diverse local loops with auto switcher
  • Enterprise SLA Option (ESO) – available in conjunction with Dedicated Ethernet Services, enabling you to extend our SLA from PoP to PoP
  • Unmanaged CPE – Cisco routers delivered and installed globally, with hardware support


  • Unprecedented flexibility and reliability to help you manage your evolving infrastructure and grow in the best way to suit your business
  • Industry-leading performance with maximum security so you can evolve and stand out from the competition
  • Added control when you scale your network – with fully manageable costs
  • Minimum disruption when scaling up so you accelerate your time to market
  • Competitive SLAs mean the network is always available

Are you ready to transform your business?