We want MotoGP™ fans to feel every chicane, hairpin and battle for position.

The Tata Communications network carries more than29% of the world’s internet routes

Our terrestrial and subsea fibre could stretch round the equator 17 times

7,600 petabytes of traffic travels over our internet backbone every month

Almost 50% of cloud computing providers are connected to businesses via our IZO cloud enablement network

Our unrivalled network capabilities can enable broadcast technology like with Ultra-High Definition, Live 360° and Live OTT video feeds can give you real-time racing experiences, whether you’re watching online, on a TV or on a mobile device. Because in a sport this fast, you can’t afford any lag. Find out how we can solve your broadcasting challenges For further details about our services to MotoGP, check out the eBook below:
Find out how we could solve your broadcasting challenges
“This partnership with Tata Communications represents a new, exciting step in how we manage the distribution of each race to our broadcast partners worldwide.”
Manel Arroyo, Managing Director, Media and Communications Area at Dorna

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