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Mitigate your business risk while ensuring compliance with our global threat management solutions

Our industry-leading Threat Management service minimises your business risk, with one efficient global solution against emerging security breaches and attacks.

We provide advanced detection and mitigation techniques to protect your business against IT security threats. This includes real-time monitoring, proactive reporting, data analytics, breach alerts and machine learning. Our team is working 24/7 to neutralise risks while strengthening your defence.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – managing risk

With growing threats to data and increasing governance regulations, it is critical to protect your infrastructure with clearly defined and implemented security policies.

Our managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service proactively manages your business risk by building alert mechanisms and helping to devise information security policies appropriate to your organisation.

The SIEM service collects, stores and analyses logs from your networks, servers and applications, thus giving you continuous visibility beyond the network and up to the application layer. SIEM’s extensibility includes new definitions, regulations and best practices through auto-updates.



Cloud SIEM – managed security monitoring

In today’s security landscape, threats come from every angle. It means protecting your business-critical data assets requires a proactive, fast and flexible solution. That’s why our Cloud SIEM service offers security event detection and rapid incident response capabilities. The result? It enables compliance and at the same time provides an integrated, centralised view for visibility into attacks against your infrastructure, providing intelligence and insights for mitigation against these threats.

Thanks to our Security-as-a-Service model – bundled with a centralised, cloud-based SIEM installation and on-site sensors – we can now tailor a solution specifically to the size and scope of your enterprise environment.



Security Operations Centre (SOC) Portal – one efficient view

 We provide integrated business intelligence and analytics based on actionable insights and better viewpoints to make meaningful security decisions. Our extensive and real-time reporting has been designed to achieve regulatory compliance and to provide a single pane dashboard with snapshots and threat trends over time.


Advanced Threat Protection – efficiently integrating insight

We integrate threat intelligence with the support of third party insight to provide monitoring with advanced correlation rules. Our Advanced Threat Protection uses analytics and machine learning to detect patterns and anomalies to discover new threats.


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Expert threat identification 

Real-time detection and monitoring in complex security threat environments with in-depth analysis are delivered from our Global Security Operation Centres (SOCs).

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Increase efficiencies

Our solutions offer you the latest industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise without the need to build costly in-house teams, thus delivering an efficient answer to manage the growing security threat.

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One efficient 24/7 solution  

Our solutions offer improved protection against cyber-attacks with 24/7 global SIEM solution support, policy backup configuration and restoration.

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Protect your global business

By leveraging the reach of Tata Communications’ global network and its visibility into patterns of attack around the world, we can better protect your business as it expands across the globe.

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