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What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing on your digital transformation journey right now?

  1. Data Storage is an issue – you need better visibility and a cost-effective way to cope with unpredictable storage needs.

  3. Faced with managing an infrastructure transformation – you may be struggling with integration issues, technology refresh, new management policy, cost or market pressures

  5. Managing a hybrid / multi-cloud environment has been a challenge – you are wondering how to successfully migrate to cloud in the first place

  7. Disaster recovery is a headache – either because the costs are high, or because your organisation lacks the in-house capability

  9. You want to adopt DevOps with containers – but the complexity involved is a major hurdle

  11. You need to drive business decisions with Big Data analytics, machine learning and AI – but your organisation struggles to differentiate between structured and unstructured data, and/or lacks the necessary infrastructure


Whatever the challenge, Tata Communications is here to help.


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Rajarshi Purkayastha

AVP & Head, Pre Sales, India | MECCA at Tata Communications

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Rajesh Awasthi

Global Head & Associate Vice President – Global Managed Hosting & Cloud Services

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Sanjay Siboo

Director, Cloud & Managed Hosting Solutions – SME team at Tata Communications

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