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Connectivity case study

Tata Communications Managed Cloud services enables Connectivity IT Services with optimal resource utilisation and management

Case study

Connectivity case study


Connectivity IT Services were running three web portals on AWS. However, due to operational challenges and for easier manageability, they decided to consolidate these separate AWS accounts into a single account. It was also challenging to manage repetitive tasks that are common across multiple accounts including patch management. Apart from this, the team wanted complete admin control to oversee all administrative aspects of the account whether it’s usage and monthly spending or configuring permissions.


The migration of existing workloads to a single new account wherein Tata Communications is providing managed services for 34 workloads. Complete monitoring of servers and OS management including patch upgrade that provides actionable insights to optimize resource utilization while ensuring the applications run smoothly.


With the consolidation of the accounts into a single new account, ease of managing billing, control access, compliance and security is distinguished. Optimal resource utilization with better visibility into existing setup and easy troubleshooting with easy access to information related to anomalous behavior in setup are an added advantage.

“As we begin to expand with multiple accounts for each environment (Production, Test), it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them as separate entities.  The more accounts we have, the more distributed the environment becomes and the associated risks multiply. Tata Communications made it simpler by consolidating different accounts into one with full administrative permissions for us to optimize our resources effectively.”


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Connectivity case study