Our service philosophy

At Tata Communications, we understand that how we do things is every bit as important to our customers as the things that we do. So, we’re always flexible, always available, and always positive. Going the extra mile doesn’t even come close to describing it. More than an SLA, it’s a state of mind – constantly checking that we are doing everything within our power to help our customers. Whatever it takes, is what we do.  
  Service excellence is not just about availability and uptime of services. We understand it’s about listening to our customers, understanding how they work, what their business challenges are and helping them solve these so that they’ll get more value out of their technology investments.
“Tata Communications’ willingness to commit to the most stringent of service level agreements, along with its breadth of quality services, made them the obvious choice of partner”. — Darren Russell, Global IT Director, Mott Macdonald.


Supporting our customers’ ambitions

Customer service is a key differentiator in a crowded marketplace. With 4000+ experts across 126 countries, five global contact centres and 24/7/365 support, we take complete responsibility for our customers’ operational performance, thus delivering greater efficiency and helping them realise their business goals. Service transformation is at the heart of our improvement lifecycle. We continually respond to your evolving business needs to deliver value through a services portfolio that covers the following:  
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  • [sc name=”toggle-anchor” id=”service-management” title=”Service Management” ]
  • [sc name=”toggle-anchor” id=”service-assurance” title=”Service Assurance” ]
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Program Management & Service Delivery

Supporting our customers’ global borderless growth ambitions with insightful Program Management & Service Delivery We understand our customers’ goals and get project delivery right, first time, every time. Our team of dedicated ITIL-certified service specialists act as your voice within our organisation by managing the lifecycle of solutions and services we deliver. They take time to understand not only the technical aspects of a programme but the business goals – borderless growth, improving customer experience, etc. This single point of contact will work with you throughout the project lifecycle, making the most of PMP methodologies and providing full transparency at every stage.
  • Service Assess and Design: Keeping customers’ future in mind, we analyse where the customer is today and recommend the best solution. We ensure we deliver it right the first time by Early Engagement and by conducting Demo Services and Innovation Workshops.
  • Service Migration: We use our transformation expertise to move customers to new platforms. A smooth transition is ensured by following the key steps of Design and Planning, Installation and Pilot testing, Monitoring and Control.
  • Service Transition: We deliver the service through rigorous testing and templates for knowledge transfer, toll gates, and checklists which are critical enablers for the transition process, and help ensure compliance to both budgets and timescales.
  • Experienced support with 100+ program managers across the globe
  • A dedicated person who understands your business
  • Consistency with management of delivery from start to finish
  • Industry standard delivery with PMP or PRINCE2 certification
Tata Communications’ knowledge, great service levels and continuous support give us high confidence in their ability to scale as our business expands, delivering benefits in terms of both productivity and cost savings.”  Jeremy Chong, Regional Manager Finance and IT Projects, Bata Shoe Organisation.
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Service Management

Service Management continually enhances customer experience and meets your borderless growth ambitions. Dedicated service today, forward-thinking solutions for tomorrow Skilled service specialists listen and translate your aspirations into a practical product and service package that consistently delivers service excellence from order management, billing and collection, through to service assurance and diagnostics. They take time to adapt the service to delight your users and meet your business goals.
  • Service Consumption: Once you are on-board, our dedicated service specialist works with you to bring the best of what we have to offer by connecting you to the services, processes and expertise across Tata Communications, including the critical touch points of service consumption, i.e. Customer onboarding, Escalation management, self-care portal and change management.
  • Consistent service aligned to your business goals
  • Enhance user experience with guaranteed service availability that meets SLAs.
  • Manage risk with clear accountability all round.
Tata Communications has great foresight and is a strategic and long term partner.” Manohar Vellaiyan, Senior Director, Network and Systems Services, Cognizant.
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Service Assurance

Service Assurance – managing your business risk with always-on service support, every step of the way From incident management to troubleshooting and resolution, we have the people, tools and dedication to ensure your business runs smoothly 24/7/365.
  • Service Support:
    • Pro-active Monitoring – Experienced CCNA technicians and SMEs use best-in-class monitoring tools and an automated ticketing tool which matches any task to the best Tata Communications expert for the job.
    • Customer self-care portal – Service Dashboard is your seamless gateway to billing and trouble ticketing, as well as one-click reporting and order management.
  • Service Continuity:
    • We proactively spot issues before they become a problem and work with customers to keep their solution relevant. Continual improvement and upgrade management are key deliverables we focus on and are always working on.
  • Mitigate business risk with advanced proactive monitoring services
  • CCNA-certified industry experts
“Tata Communications gives us predictable SLA-driven managed services, uncongested bandwidth and proactive responsiveness that frees us to concentrate on our core business.” Spokesperson, Cairn India

Advanced Solutions Delivery

Advanced Solutions Delivery for complex projects, delivered with simple solutions to meet your global borderless growth ambitions We manage large, multi-million dollar projects from the design stage right through to deployment and beyond, thus managing and minimising risk from beginning to end.
  • Dedicated team: CCIE-certified, Technical Design Authority and PMP-trained project manager that will own your project throughout, employing ITIL practices for service assurance.
  • Transition methodology: With a 360-degree view at every step, you’re able to maintain control over every aspect including costs — and take the pain out of transition. Ongoing monitoring ensures we adhere to SLAs and keep control of costs, while our English-speaking global service desk means your stakeholders can raise requests, ask for updates and more, 24/7.
  • Mitigate risk with better control
  • Increase cost efficiencies
 “ Tata Communications’ support services are the best there is. They respond quickly if there’s an issue. Responses are instantly escalated to ensure our data is always safe.” Ganapathy Subramaniyan, CIO, Aegis Ltd

Personalised Support Services

Personalised Support Services for an enhanced customer experience Tata Communications offers bespoke services that take your unique business needs into account and make sure you get the best from our services portfolio.
  • Resident Engineer – Onsite or at our NOC
  • Customer Solution Analyst – Monitors risks and customises solutions that optimise your performance
  • Dedicated Support Desk – Monitors risks, manages incidents before they have an impact and helps develop new tools, upgrades and solutions that optimise your business’ efficiency
  • Cloud Specialists – Maximise access to your cloud infrastructure and minimise downtime through direct, instant service. Click to know more.
  • Technical Account Managers (TAM) – Get directly involved in every incident, restore key service elements quickly, and then review and manage each issue. Proactive risk management along with effective incident management ensures you see real improvements. Click to know more.
 “ This was one of the best-run programmes I’ve ever seen,” says Shiv Kumar Bhasin, CTO SBI. “ Tata Communications met our expectations in a timely manner with the right quality and delivery resource just as they had promised.” (Deployment of Insta CC Global™ in record time of 90 days – read the case study here or watch the video)
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