Dr. Reddy’s case study


All business critical applications used by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – like databases, email, R&D and ERP – are centralised in one of the company’s largest offices in Hyderabad, India. As a pharma giant, the company’s markets include India, Russia, Germany, the US, the UK, South Africa, South America and New Zealand. In all those markets its people rely on access to those Hyderabad-hosted central applications.

With a legacy wide area network (WAN) based on inflexible site-to-site connectivity, bandwidth was inconsistent between the company’s global sites. There were throughput issues too and, with separate MPLS clouds from multiple network providers, the infrastructure was costly to run.

For the entire company to function smoothly it was essential to give all staff reliable, high-speed access to centralised business applications. A WAN refresh was sorely needed.

Kiran Varma, Associate Director, IT Services at Dr. Reddy’s, says: “Bandwidth bottlenecks and poor connectivity constrained usage. There was no end-to-end control, while Internet access and security were serious issues.”


Dr. Reddy’s opted for a Tata Communications Global VPN with Global SIP Connect and resilient, high-bandwidth Internet access. The Tata Communications Global VPN forms a backbone between Dr. Reddy’s 31 global nodes, three of which are in Hyderabad.

Kiran Varma says: “We chose Tata Communications because it was able to offer the most cost effective, reliable and secure high-speed network.”

There was, however, another powerful dimension to the solution. Hitherto, the limitations of the WAN had made it difficult for Dr. Reddy’s to adopt unified communications worldwide. The Tata Communications Global VPN has overcome this issue. Now Dr. Reddy’s people can collaborate seamlessly and securely, leading to faster decision-making while cutting the financial and environmental burdens of international travel.

“Now we have maximum flexibility and any new application can be launched easily,” Kiran adds. “All applications traffic runs over the Tata Communications Global VPN and extends right to the network edge.”

“The transition was excellent and plain sailing. The design and upgrade was such that there was optimum usage of legacy routers without unnecessary, inflated investment in new equipment.”