IZO™ Private connect provides pharmaceutical firm with fast and secure links to the google cloud


Dr Reddy's IZO Private Connect case study


Dr. Reddy’s adopted a multi-cloud strategy with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a key element. In moving applications to GCP, secure, reliable and fast links were needed to deliver an excellent user experience every time.


Tata Communications Global VPN (GVPN) already provided connectivity for Dr. Reddy’s worldwide operation. Now, the company chose IZO™ Private Connect to carry traffic to and from GCP over the GVPN. The compute/storage capability in GCP is a significant proportion of the company’s total multi-cloud provision.


All Dr. Reddy’s locations linked by the Tata Communications GVPN now have seamless access to GCP, making information available to more users in every geography. Latency has improved from levels common on the Internet to around 15-20 milliseconds via IZO™ Private Connect (Google Cloud Interconnect). Complete reliability further boosts the user experience. As a result, productivity and employee satisfaction have both soared.

“Cloud is going to grow exponentially, especially after COVID-19, and it’s already changing the way we operate. Tata Communications and Google work together to meet our needs and support our smooth transition to this new environment.”
Rakesh Reddy Gaddam, Global Lead – Network, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

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