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Haldiram Case Study

IZO™ Private Connect offered safe, exclusive links to scalable servers in the AWS Cloud.

Case study

Haldiram Case Study


Having chosen SAP S/4HANA to be the enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for its Snacks Division, scalability and security would be vital to support rapid growth in Haldiram’s business. Reliable connectivity and access would clearly be critical too.


After investigating possible hosting scenarios, Haldiram’s chose an AWS platform. Now production and warehouse sites access the ERP application through Tata Communications’ IZO™ Private Connect, with MPLS-based links ensuring separation from the Internet.


Fast, direct connections ensure SAP S/4HANA response times are excellent, keeping users more secure and more productive. IT can focus on business-enabling projects, while Haldiram’s can quickly scale up to keep pace with rapid expansion.

“Cloud is the future, and, from a compute and storage perspective, it has unique advantages. But to realise those benefits you need top-notch access.”

Tarun Vijh, General Manager IT, Haldiram’s

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Haldiram Case Study