Our custom designed network security systems provide effective defenses against a wide range of network attacks. 

The number and intensity of cyber attacks reached a record level in 2013, up 32% over the previous year. Led by a new generation of threats, these attacks are straining the structure of the internet and costing enterprises billions of dollars. In fact, each outage is calculated to cost an average of $630,000 – and there are thousands of attacks every year. 

In this rapidly evolving threat environment, how do you stay a step ahead of the bad guys? The ongoing challenge is continually finding, deploying, and managing the latest, advanced colocation & cloud security solutions. As a global leader in managed security services, Tata Communications is the trusted partner you need to defend against and defeat these threats. 

Working together, we can design a program that perfectly fits your specific security requirements and budget.  Using industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise, we secure and protect your information assets around the clock, for typically a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house security resources. Our approach makes it easy for you to meet your security goals while keeping operating costs predictable and under control. No wonder many of today’s leading global enterprises depend on our Managed Security Services to defend their IT infrastructure.