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IZO™️ Cloud Containers

Accelerate the time to market and create business growth for new applications with an ultra-agile and secure IZO™️ Cloud Containers

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Maximise productivity

Your developers can launch Docker containers through a self-service portal with pre-built templates and application images. They can then leverage the source- to-image process for ready-to-run Docker formatted images.

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Manage business risk

The solution has three levels of security infrastructure, container and access layers. It also has a secure image registry, role-based access control, LDAP/AD integration, and a dedicated security gateway.

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Business agility

Our global solutions support borderless growth by maintaining the agility to react and respond to new market opportunities. We do this with open source freedom and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Increase efficiencies

From deploying a highly available Kubernetes-based cluster, including services, scheduling and orchestration, we can expand to load balancing and auto-scaling. We also provide native ticketing, adherence to the ITIL framework and auto recovery of containers.

Strike the right balance between agility and control to grow your business.

For enterprises keen to drastically improve productivity and manage business risk, Tata Communications’ IZO™️ Cloud Containers brings you an ultra-agile infrastructure with needed control to accelerate application delivery and DevOps adoption.

Integrated with IZOTM Private Cloud

Take the next step in your hybrid cloud evolution. Enable a multi-deployment model for your enterprise IT, and easily integrate your Container deployments with IZOTM Private Cloud or a hybrid cloud environment of your choice.

Unlock better productivity

Improve application developer productivity and efficiency with an ultra-agile infrastructure that supports microservices architecture, ports application workloads and modernises legacy monolithic applications. By ensuring an ultra-agile infrastructure for application developers, you make their work easier by reducing the wait time and boosting productivity.

Take control of risk

Manage business risk with complete control through a secure image registry, configurable role-based access control, end-to-end performance management and audit logs of all container management.

“The rise of the DevOps model has encouraged IT executives to rethink their application modernization strategies; yet keeping business processes consistent remains top of mind. Tata Communications’ Container-as-a -Service comes at an opportune time, when business organizations are challenged to strike the right balance between business agility and governance for their IT environments” Agatha Poon, Research Director, 451 Research.


Industry use-cases


  • Mobile banking
  • Application modernization
  • Manage business risk


  • Faster GTM
  • Quicker Product Development


  • Accelerate build and deploy process
  • Application protability


  • New age application development
  • Application portability


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