IZO™ Cloud Storage

IZO™ Cloud Storage delivers storage that changes to meet your priorities

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Secure Cloud Storage

IZO™ Cloud Storage leverages the advantage of our global tier-1 network infrastructure and security services, to enhance your data storage anywhere in the world.

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Cloud Backup

Our highly resilient, failure-tolerant architecture means you’ll enjoy up to eleven 9’s of data durability. All data is replicated and stored across regions for true peace of mind.

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Excellent Support

IZO™ Cloud Storage offers access to over 300 professionals providing 24/7 support to deliver enterprise-grade SLAS, and up to 99.99% platform availability.

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Predictable Pricing

The IZO™ Cloud Storage pricing model means you pay only for the data you store. With no additional charges, budget forecasting is now easier than ever.

IZO™ Cloud Storage is an integrated cloud backup suite that gives you end-to-end visibility and complete control of your data storage resources with predictable pricing. IZO™ Cloud Storage also offers scalability for all your storage needs.

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