IZO™ Private Connect

IZO™ Private Connect will turn your IP VPN into a truly VIP VPN

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IZO™ Private Connect allows your organisation to make the most of dedicated network capacity and high speeds without the worry that your data is under threat.

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IZO™ Private Connect consistently provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and consistent network performance, giving you guaranteed throughput and availability.

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Untangle your network management with a single, fully managed global relationship, and 24/7customer service keeping outages to a minimum.

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IZO™ Private Connect provides a smooth connection to the public clouds and data centres using our global Tier-1 network without compromising network availability.

IZO™ Private Connect is a cloud enablement service that links your business VPN to leading cloud service providers via MPLS or Ethernet. IZO™ Private Connect gives you network predictability while allowing you to access your cloud provider from anywhere in the world.

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