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Dramatically reduce data breaches across your business with our Risk and Compliance services

Our Risk and Threat management services can reduce the impact of security events and eliminate business losses by preventing potential security and data breaches.

Use our Risk and Threat management services to reduce security thefts across your business and improve overall effeciencies and costs.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Tata Communications’ Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing service ensures your network and applications are scanned for weak points and threats. Our security experts monitor and manage remote scans whenever you need them, 24/7. We provide network and web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Detect security vulnerabilities and reduce business risk by pre-empting existing vulnerable exploits and preventing business downtime, while simultaneously improving the return on your investment.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Today’s organisations rely heavily on extensive IT infrastructure to process huge volumes of sensitive data – from employees’ and customers’ personal information to confidential financial records and precious intellectual property.

There’s therefore a critical need to protect that data to comply with global regulatory demands and ensure the future success of your business. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consulting service starts by assessing your organisation’s current security position and identifies gaps. Critically, it then ensures your data processes adequately meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Maximise your protection through our trio of GRC services covering:

  • Security risk and assessment consulting
  • Compliance assessment and planning
  • Data privacy assessment.

Digital Exposure Monitoring Service

Tata Communications’ Digital Exposure Monitoring Service gives you full visibility of your digital assets, delivered on one single intuitive dashboard. By giving you a 360° picture, the service enables you to pinpoint any places where your enterprise could be vulnerable to cybercrime and hacking.


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Mitigate security threats

We proactively take steps to maintain user experience by identifying and mitigating security threats using our network and web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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Global security team

Security experts in our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitor and manage service availability across the globe in real time and can schedule remote scans whenever you need, 24/7.

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Security budget efficiencies

Our Risk and Threat management services will reduce your security administration overheads and improve the return on your investment with our customisable security solutions.

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Maintain team productivity

Our Risk and Threat management security teams will Identify and remediate vulnerabilities quickly to improve workflows and prevent network downtime.


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