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Our multi-layered security framework is based on intelligent threat modelling and real-time understanding of risks including user authentication. With these, we can better protect your organisation from application layer and network attacks.

For total security across your entire network, choose a comprehensive solution from our wide portfolio of cloud-based security solutions. Trust us to help you meet, manage and maintain your security goals.


Advanced Malware Detection

You may choose end-point, network-based or even hybrid protection to detect and block outbound commands and control traffic, thus preventing the deployment of advanced malware. This fully managed, flexible and multi-pronged approach allows you to choose the level of protection you need to detect and counter the most well-disguised threats, 24/7/365.


Web Application Firewall

Web application vulnerabilities can allow attackers to steal data, immobilise or hijack your application. With increasing reliance on third-party software and code, organisations can find themselves at risk if supply chain security policies don’t meet their own policies and frameworks.

The Web Application Firewall is a managed service that analyses Layer 7 application traffic. This platform is specifically tuned to monitor only the target applications, and to inspect all inbound and outbound traffic.

Our advanced security offers visibility, detection, and protection against application and OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Integration with our SIEM platform provides better correlation and insight against zero-day attacks.


Guest Wi-Fi Access

Tata Communications offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution, by bringing together a host of security services to protect your enterprise and help you meet corporate QoS requirements.

Guest Wi-Fi Access is your end-to-end solution for completely secure, always-on connectivity. It provides management of web access policies, users, time, quotas, and bandwidth. The cloud-based outbound firewall and anti-virus/anti-malware requires no on-site equipment, thus saving ongoing infrastructure costs.

Advanced security capabilities include authentication and transaction log storage for a minimum of 6 months and provision of multiple authentication techniques to secure your network.


Remote User Authentication

Remote User Authentication offers your business double the security with a two-factor authentication platform for your globally distributed teams, thus delivering better peace of mind than a single factor approach would.

Tata Communications’ fully-managed two-factor authentication platform employs a user-created Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a randomly generated code, thus ensuring account safety even when passwords have been compromised.

Our bespoke service is tailored to your needs, with an option of token form factors, 24/7 service desk support, and cloud-based scalable modes, all based on fully-managed authentication servers.


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Introducing a single, cross-cloud control point that consolidates multiple security and compliance capabilities into one simple platform. Delivering robust protection for your enterprise cloud operations for the cloud age.

Our CASB solution provides security policy enforcement across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud services. It uses machine learning algorithms for user anomaly detection and data leakage prevention, as well as configuration monitoring, tokenization, encryption, cloud risk governance, device profiling and more. All this helps protect against threats, ensures compliance, safeguards data security and provides visibility on your cloud data – along with the cost and efficiency benefits of a fully-managed service.


Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling digital transformation to happen at speed. Yet they bring security challenges to organisations too. Identity is the new perimeter; and our IDaaS solution enables secure access in both hybrid cloud and on-site delivery models.

This cloud-based service provides an interface for employees, customers and partners to access applications, enabling you to connect all your applications and provide secure access for all users. The result? Maximum interoperability and turnkey integration across private and public cloud, as well as mobile and IoT.


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Advanced security capabilities

As your business expands our advanced security capabilities, including malicious URL filtering, anti-virus spyware and deep content inspection, will help you keep pace with the changes.

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Minimise risk

Our dedicated Security Framework can help your business minimise disruption through integrated analysis and reporting across all event and log sources, so proactively mitigating disruption.

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Stay informed & productive

Detailed health monitoring, including status and performance trends, keeps you informed and in control of your secure network so you can maintain productivity.

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Block advanced malware

Our multi-layered security framework can efficiently detect and block outbound commands, as well as control traffic for greater visibility of network handling.

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