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Deliver compelling end-to-end content delivery with our secure Teleport Services

Tata Communications’ Teleport Services is a one-stop end-to-end content delivery service for all your video needs. Optimise the customer experience with high-quality, secure and reliable delivery of millions of hours of video.

The one-stop solution for all your video needs

Choose one single solution for Uplink, Bandwidth, Fibre and Playout of Channel

Optimise the customer experience with a dedicated satellite operations centre for 24/7/365 monitoring

Select from readymade solutions for permanent and occasional use

Monitor the network and traffic in real time

Leverage Tata Communications’ unique global network


The Tata Communications advantage

Real-time proactive and reactive monitoring of network and video traffic

On-demand ad-hoc video over our fibre network for special events like Formula1, cricket matches, the Olympics, Asian Games, NBA and WTA

On-site support for events

State-of-the-art automated OU booking and scheduling system

Turnaround services, format / frame rate conversion services, delay services, store and forward services

Unified service delivery and service assurance process

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Asset ownership

We own the globe’s largest undersea fibre cable network and satellite uplink facilities, while our platforms and solutions feature a range of cutting-edge innovations.

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Global reach

Our Ethernet backbone happens to be the world’s largest and reaches more than 50 countries and can deliver and broadcast content in any format, anywhere in the world.

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Solution portfolio

Our modular portfolio can be deployed to deliver a seamless and unified user experience, with multiple opportunities for enhanced product monetisation.

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Operational efficiency

With multiple operation centres we constantly monitor the health of the network and our service, while our cloud-based service is fully managed with 24/7 support.


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