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Reach across multiple mobile ecosystems with our mobile customer engagement services

Our messaging network ensures delivery of quality application-to-person (A2P) messaging across the mobile ecosystem, including mobile network operators, SMS aggregators, enterprises and next generation service providers (OTT providers).


Our cloud-based solution accelerate mobile adoption, increase conversion, rate and build brand loyalty. Learn more about data rewards, sponsored data, and mobile money services.

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“Experience fully autonomous & instant A2P messaging by just few clicks to ensure efficient account management & reporting for your business”

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Customer engagement

A single connection for A2P messaging traffic, ensures convenience and cost advantage. Use Mobile as an engagement and advertising platform.

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API suite

Simplify mobile integration across your business with our suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for WebRTC, Authentication and Financial transactions.

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Borderless mobility

Our solutions will help mobilise your travelling workers with a global SIM, regardless of location. So they can access your network without expensive roaming costs.

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Mobile network operators

Our messaging network will help you monetise SMS traffic and identify grey routing. What's more, we will protect your business with our SMS Firewall.