Private Line

Use Private line services to move mission-critical data safely between cities, countries and continents

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Storage Area Networks

Use real-time data backup, clustering and replication solutions using a high-bandwidth ultra-low latency, point-to-point connection to improve efficiencies.

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Fully On-Demand

Quickly and securely replicate large volumes of data in real-time to minimise downtime using our scalable services ranging from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

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International Private Line

Tata Communications Global Network (TGN) is compatible with a wide range of hardware and certified storage vendors, making manage files easier.

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Mission Critical Support

Our dedicated management and troubleshooting tools, along with 24/7 global support, ensure maximum uptime for your applications and services.

Our high-speed fibre channel is optimised for ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth transfers to ensure business continuity. Our dedicated private lines provide secure and scalable point-to-point connections wherever your enterprise needs it.

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