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Private Line

Use Private line services to manage the risk and increase your efficiencies by securely transporting mission-critical data across the globe

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Increase efficiencies

Our Storage Area Networks deliver real-time data backup with clustering and replication solutions by using a high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency, point-to-point connection to improve efficiencies and reduce risk of data loss.

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Scalable & secure

Tata Communications Storage Area Networks help you manage your business growth and risk proactively by minimising downtime quickly, and by replicating large volumes of data securely in real-time.

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Ease of management

With Tata Communications International Private Line, you can globally manage files with ease, thanks to our network compatibility with a range of hardware and certified storage vendors.

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Mission critical support

Manage your risk by working with our dedicated global service management team 24/7/365, to ensure maximum uptime for your applications and services.

If your enterprise depends on moving data securely between strategic locations, you can’t afford a dropped network connection.

Our Private Line service gives you a highly scalable, secure and protocol-transparent dedicated line for your most sensitive, mission-critical data traffic. Optimised for maximum efficiency with ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth transfers, it ensures business continuity across cities.

We will meet all your communication needs to support global borderless growth with our International Private Line. It is the first choice for sending data securely between countries and continents. It is built on our extensive subsea cable network, including the world’s only fibre optic ring, and more than 40 consortium cables covering 710,000 km. A variety of routing, uptime and service options is also offered.

For the Indian market, our National Private Line service helps businesses manage risk through reliable, secure, scalable and dedicated point-to-point connectivity throughout the country. Powered by a 50,000-km optical fibre network and more than 400 Points of Presence, it includes optional low-latency synchronous connectivity of up to 100G with fast, dependable disaster recovery.

We ensure maximum efficiencies by integrating seamlessly with our international network, so you can connect your global and domestic operations through a single service provider – all with 24/7/365 support. You’ll have your own bespoke Private Line package which is available across bandwidth and interface options, with defined latencies and redundancies.

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