Put your content security and privacy into the cloud with our cutting-edge protected Internet Gateway

Our Global Secure Web Gateway delivers best in-class security by offering real-time protection to help provide visibility and control of users inside and outside the office.

Tata Communications offers a proven, cloud-delivered solution, that is quickly scalable to any location, user or device across the globe. We provide a one-stop solution, from malware and cloud Sandbox, to SSL Interception and Web DLP to help digitally transform your business to deliver secure digital services to end users across the globe


Global Secure Internet Gateway

Our Global Secure Internet Gateway Service brings you a protected Internet gateway hosted in the cloud, so you avoid the hassle of having a firewall on site.

The solution is network-based, so you effectively eliminate any CPE/hardware cost, while our subscription-based, pay-per-use model means you can cost-effectively manage the solution you need.

Our integrated ‘all-in-one’ network-based security service includes firewall, anti-spam, antivirus, IPS, VPN and web filtering, all backed by 24/7/365 management and monitoring by expert security staff.



Global Secure Web Gateway

By putting your security into the cloud with our protected Internet Gateway, you’ll avoid the inconvenience and cost of hosting it on-site.Our Secure Web Gateway brings you complete visibility of all web-based activity across your enterprise, including internet gateways, branch offices, data centres, home workers and mobile road warriors. So you know all activity at all times and can pinpoint any threats.

We offer comprehensive web filtering and security making sure that all internet traffic is scanned and cleaned, so protecting your business from emerging threats.


Global Secure Messaging Gateway

Our Global Secure Messaging Gateway will keep your data, users and reputation safe, by using a powerful tool to filter and quarantine attacks before they can do any damage – protecting your business and your reputation.Add on our Managed Secure Messaging Gateway and you’ll also benefit from enterprise-grade messaging and advanced security with simple rollout and no extra expense.

We can deploy quickly with no up-front capital investment, so lowering the total cost of ownership, making this a cost-effective solution.



Data Leak Prevention

We can help your enterprise stay watertight by bringing down the risks and staying compliant, with automatic scanning of all data in servers, emails and handsets across your organisation.This cutting-edge service lets you auto-scan all data to better monitor and manage the flow of vital information.

We can help you prevent any leaks to unauthorised people, while at the same time reducing your organisation’s risk profile by cutting the cost of compliance using our easy-to-use pre-defined compliance reports.


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Global Protection

Our Global Secure Web Gateway protects your network from emerging threats, while at the same time eliminates viruses, spam and other threats in the cloud.

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Integrated Package

Our integrated ‘all-in-one’ network-based security service with firewall, anti-spam, antivirus, IPS, VPN and web filtering offers a fully-rounded protection solution.

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Global Protection

Our 24/7/365 management and monitoring by expert security staff means your network is protected regardless of location, or time-zone, for better peace of mind.

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Scalable Costings

Tata Communications’ simple subscription-based, pay-per-use model makes it a cost-effective solution, so you can better monitor expenditure with ease.

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