Fraud Protection services created to monitor, learn and keep your business safe and secure

Our industry-leading Fraud Protection service gives you peace of mind and secures your business against multiple types of communications fraud.

We provide advanced detection and mitigation techniques to protect your business against fraud. This includes real-time monitoring, proactive reporting, data analytics, fraud alerts and machine learning. Our team is working 24/7 to identify emerging threats and protect your business with the most effective fraud protection available.

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Threat Identification 

We monitor and quickly detect fraudulent traffic patterns and take decisive action to protect your business and maintain the integrity of the wider global network. 

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Our solutions offer you the latest industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise without the need to build costly in-house teams for better cost-flow management.

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Comprehensive Protection 

Working across voice and data services, we detect and prevent fraudulent attacks, from PBX and VoIP hacking to False Answer Supervision and Roaming Fraud.

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Global Solution 

By leveraging the reach of the Tata Communications global network and its visibility into patterns of attack around the world we can better protect your business.

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Thanks to our global solutions, Syscon Infoway’s network is faster and more secure

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