Our network and infrastructure security will prevent attacks and security breaches even as they happen

Our truly managed security services offer a fully predictive and proactive range of solutions drive visibility and context to prevent attacks and breaches within your business.

For end-to-end security across your network, Tata Communications offers a range of solutions that can deliver real-time detection and mitigation by blocking malicious traffic while at the same time allowing legitimate traffic to flow. We’ll help you meet your security goals while keeping operating costs under control.


Firewall and Unified Threat Management

Tata Communications offers management, monitoring and incident escalation solutions that can stop attacks and security breaches even as they’re happening, with back-up support from our team of experts.This premise-based service helps you pinpoint and stop any attacks and security breaches – even while they’re in progress. Our security experts perform proactive monitoring of customer firewalls 24/7 from the Tata Communications Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Our proven cost-effective solution that your business will see reduced up-front and annual IT operating costs.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation

As attacks become more and more complex, you need a powerful weapon to detect and mitigate them and protect critical data.Defend your organisation from complex application layer attacks – with real-time detection and mitigation. Our solution helps protect critical assets like the data centre – and uses cloud signalling to raise the alarm during an attack.

Legitimate traffic can continue to flow while malicious traffic is blocked. You also benefit from real-time security updates, forensics and attack reports.


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Spotting an attack as soon as it’s happening is already too late, which is why Tata Communications takes a proactive approach with an effective early warning system.Our managed IDPS offers an effective early warning system for threats and attacks through 24/7monitoring by our team of experienced security engineers and market-leading platform support.

You don’t just improve awareness and minimise security breaches, you also free up in-house IT resources to focus on key business initiatives by reducing security administration overheads.


Firewall Audit and Optimisation

Network security doesn’t need to get ever more complex. We believe you can simplify security management with fully managed optimisation.Manage complex network security policies with our complete, integrated solution. By simplifying security change management, our service enables you to deliver new applications faster – while you stay secure and compliant.

Simply choose the service level that meets your needs and we’ll integrate them with Tata Communications’ Managed Firewall, vUTM and VAPT services so there is 24/7managed security of your mission-critical applications.


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Network Clarity

Our integrated solution helps protect critical assets so you can better manage and monitor for timely and seamless incident escalation, as and when required.

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Flexible Solution

Our managed SIE service collects, stores and analyses logs from your networks, servers and applications – giving you continuous visibility across your business operations.

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Cost-Effective Protection

By simplifying overall security, our service enables you to manage the network, while at the same time reducing up-front costs and annual IT operations costs.

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Proactive Protection

Our security experts perform proactive monitoring of customer firewalls 24/7/365 from the Tata Communications’ Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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