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Internet that fits your business – part 2

July 27, 2018

Rajarshi Purkayastha   

Head, Pre-Sales, Americas, Tata Communications

In my previous blog, I discussed how the Internet has transformed the lives of four billion people.

IT decision makers are today impatiently injecting new technologies and radical thinking across their business to transform operations and enable the pursuit of new revenue streams. From automation to sustainability, businesses are adapting to a whole new wave of consumer preferences.

IT leaders’ jobs are changing too: a Gartner survey shows that 95% of CIOs expect their role to change due to digitisation.

One example of how digital platforms are paving the way for new disruptive business models is the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase joint venture with a focus on using technology to offer their employees and their families “simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost”.

Similarly, Songdo, South Korea – dubbed the smartest of all smart cities in the world because of the way in which it has been built from the ground up using the latest technology innovations – is helping improve all aspects of citizens’ lives.

Furthermore, Starhub is reinventing its business with a destination website that brings together groups of Facebook friends for the exchange of tickets to concerts and sports events, for example. The Internet is at the heart of all these digital disruptions.

Find your fit

As every business becomes a “digital business”, the role of and need for the Internet grows larger by the minute. At the same time, IT decision makers’ insatiable appetite to roll out organisation-wide digital transformation programmes is leading to increasing IT complexity as well as new data sources, new business models, and new cyber threats.

Enterprises are becoming more and more reliant on cloud applications and facing challenges of delivering delightful customer experiences across a diverse mix of legacy infrastructure, private and public clouds of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, to name a few. All of this puts the enterprise network in the spotlight. Is it able to cope with the demands of the business in this cloud-powered, digital age?

Simply put, the survival of your business depends on Internet-enabled digital transformation, anticipating what’s next and how your customers’ desires and demands might evolve in the future. No matter which industry you are in, and no matter what your business model is – you need the foundations of a strong, reliable Internet that fits your business.

Without a robust, reliable network infrastructure underpinning your digital business, you can’t compete. Like the VHS tape or the floppy disk of the nineties, your business could even become obsolete.

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