IZO™ Cloud Partners will help improve your business performance and reduce running costs

Improve your business performance and reduce running costs by taking advantage of our industry-leading partnerships. The IZO™ Platform supports a global ecosystem that enables seamless, secure connectivity to multiple cloud solutions through a single provider. And with our growing managed service portfolio, IZO™ can accelerate your enterprise’s cloud journey at every stage.



Amazon Web Services

Give your customers a more consistent network experience than internet-based connections. Establish private connectivity between AWS and your data centre, office, or colocation environment, while reducing network costs and increasing your bandwidth throughput Visit the Amazon AWS Web Services partner page


Microsoft® Azure™

Azure™ ExpressRoute enables you to create private connections between Azure data centres and infrastructure – whether on your premises, or in a colocation environment. Find out more.


Tata Communications’ Microsoft Azure™ Managed Service enables your enterprise to move over to hybrid with confidence. Greater reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security.

Google Cloud

Create a better customer experience. Connect your infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform via enterprise-grade connections and you can build, test and deploy applications on a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. Visit the Google Cloud partner page



Experience an integrated CRM solution with end-to-end management and you can improve your customer experience and your business performance. Visit the Salesforce partner page


Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect is a convenient and efficient network service. IZO™ Private Connect brings global VPN users to Alibaba Cloud Express Connect with a fast, stable, secure and private or dedicated network communication between different cloud environments, including VPC intranet intercommunication and dedicated leased line connection across regions and users. Visit the Alibaba Cloud partner page

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