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Application Aware Networking

Boost your business efficiencies by really understanding your applications

Wide Area Network problems can quickly impact user experience, productivity and limit growth.

As the network serves more users and applications, deterioration in terms of congestion and other poor performance problems can also quickly impact user experience. Our services deliver more insight and control than ever before.


Enhance borderless growth with Application Performance Optimisation

Borderless growth depends on network efficiency. The sheer geographical distances between your sites or congestion on the network can severely affect your applications, lengthening the time it takes to respond to an end-user’s requests.
Tata Communications’ Application Performance Optimisation ensures efficient application performance across all your offices and locations. By accelerating the transfer of applications and data over the WAN, it ensures optimal utilisation and user experience, thus leading to improved staff productivity.


Optimise efficiencies and productivity with Application Aware Networking (AAN) Audit

End users may be running applications that are new to the network. As a result, you may have limited insight into how much bandwidth they use, and whether they meet business objectives. Audit shines a light across the network by generating reports on overall architecture and enabling administrators to analyse bandwidth requirements. The service makes recommendations for capacity planning, configuration changes, equipment upgrades, security policy, network optimisation and traffic management.


Manage risk with AAN Advanced Reporting

Know what’s happening across your network and identify issues before they become problems. A fully customisable dashboard lets you set up the reports you need, and enables you to monitor and measure network-wide application performance. You can also generate reports on network usage (based on application, port, client or host) and performance to pinpoint the most critical applications, identify bottlenecks and take action to manage congestion.

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