Paving the way to digital transformation: how reliable connectivity to AWS helped transform one of India’s leading Agrotech companies


SLAs availability


Application availability


Monitoring & support


Emami was already running SAP and various business-critical applications using its on-premise infrastructure. However, unreliable connectivity between its remote sites was causing a suboptimal user app experience and slowing down operations thus leading to frequent downtime, disruption and reduced productivity. To effectively connect all its remote sites across the country, give factory and warehouse sta seamless access to business-critical apps, and protect any loss of revenue, Emami needed to move SAP and other business applications to AWS cloud and needed a solution to connect its existing network to cloud environment. For this, a digital infrastructure refresh was critical.


IZO™ Private Connect from Tata Communications provides direct access to Emami’s business-critical apps hosted on the AWS Cloud, reducing network AWS Cloud, reducing network congestion and unpredictability.


With support from Tata Communications, the company has been able to securely and efficiently extend its on-premise infrastructure into the cloud.

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