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WAN Ethernet Services

Grow your business beyond borders with our Wide Area Network Ethernet services

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Plug & play across global sites

Use our unique global Provider Backbone Bridging technology to connect your global sites with plug-and-play Ethernet connections, enhancing user experiences for new and existing customers and employees around the world.

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Grow your business with ease

Our cost-effective pricing plans means you only need buy the bandwidth when you need it – from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, with our Provider Backbone Bridging, providing true scalability to your business.

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Manage network risk

Protect your traffic with dedicated paths and bandwidth that avoid congestion experienced on other Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Our Provider Backbone Bridging protects individual traffic streams.

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Global borderless growth

Access our low-cost infrastructure and service management, which is powered by the world’s only wholly-owned fibre ring network encircling the globe and the largest Indian network, across the globe.

Used by the top 20 global banks, our next-generation Ethernet offers maximum scalability of VLANs, MAC addresses and service endpoints. This makes it the ideal choice when deploying advance IT strategies like virtualisation, future-proofing your technology.

With CE 2.0 certification from the MEF and our Managed Ethernet Option to guarantee quality end-to-end, our Ethernet services will satisfy the most stringent WAN requirement.

To maximise efficiency and productivity, we provide high-speed, flexible and scalable WAN Ethernet Services on both dedicated and shared platforms, offering speeds of up to 10 Gbps in point-to-point or multipoint configurations.

With four separate platforms offering Ethernet services, we have the technology solution to meet the needs of any business:


  • Provider Backbone Bridging network – Unique to Tata Communications, this hosts our family of Dedicated Ethernet services to offer secure and scalable Ethernet technology.
  • Priority Ethernet – Delivered over our MPLS core network, Priority Ethernet has more extensive coverage than GDE and supports multiple Classes of Service to deliver traffic prioritisation.
  • Priority Stretch – Built on our Internet backbone network, Priority Stretch boasts the most extensive network of our Ethernet services, with usage-based charges.
  • 10 Gig Ethernet – Deployed across our wavelength network, with 10 Gig Ethernet we can deliver 10G connections across the globe at the lowest cost per Mb.


We support borderless growth with diverse offerings which deliver true global reach. Our connectivity to more than 110 leading data centres and eight cloud service providers worldwide accelerates cloud performance.  Additionally, our extensive owned fibre network and leased networks offer routes to meet the most stringent diversity requirements.

Remove the limitations of legacy MPLS with our next-generation Ethernet platform, and see where we can take you.

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