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What analysts worldwide have to say about Tata Communications' products and services.


Tata Communications has a broad portfolio of advanced technology services including SDWAN, security, cloud, IoT and UC. The company couples this network with comprehensive managed services to deliver a range of network services to any customer, anywhere in the world.


Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Tata Communications provides enterprises with security services that are scalable and flexible, have a reduced mean time to detect and restore, and enable automated SOC operations. The provider has expanded its security offerings over the years to provide improved threat detection and response that delivers a faster resolution response time compared to many manual models in the market – saving an average of 35 minutes of resolution time per incident. The company leverages next-generation technologies and security frameworks that are industry compliant and dependable.


Frost Award Write-up, 2020 Indian Managed Security Service Provider -Telecom Company Of The Year Award

Tata Communications’ enhanced multi-cloud strategy has the customer’s requirement and customer delight at the centre. The service provider has developed robust end-to-end managed service capabilities for multi-cloud environment that includes cloud architecture design, consulting, cloud migration, deployment and on-going management across platforms and services. It’s migration services empowers enterprises to analyse, optimize and migrate a broad range of applications to the cloud effortlessly. Tata Communications is continuously enhancing its customer touch points and service delivery models by provisioning better digital experience to its customers through automation, scripts, bots etc. The company has a robust roadmap to further enrich its existing Service Delivery and Assurance platform for existing and potential customers to provide a seamless and hassle-free service.


Frost Award Write-up, 2020 Indian Managed Multi-Cloud Service Provider Company Of The Year Award

A key differentiator for Tata Communications is its ability to support MNCs with its global network and strong SIP trunking offering, giving customers the assurance that they can expect comparable performance with the UCC solutions hosted in the cloud compared to their legacy on-premises solutions. The company continues to differentiate in the market through product innovation. The Digital Customer Experience solution as part of the Contact Center as a Service is an omni-channel and cost-effective solution with in-built NLP, virtual bot integration, AI/ML, Speech/video analytics, native cloud applications and social media integration. The development of CPaaS/API capabilities will further enrich its UCC solutions.


Siow-Meng Soh, Tata Communications – Collaboration and Communications Services (Global)

Tata Communications has very strong cloud-based UCC offerings covering collaboration and contact center solutions. The ongoing migration of UCC to the cloud benefits Tata Communications and this trend is expected to accelerate as a result of COVID-19.


Siow-Meng Soh, Tata Communications – Collaboration and Communications Services (Global)

Tata Communicates differentiates in the global IoT market with its connectivity through access agreements with over 640 mobile network operators. The provider is also closing the gap with competitors in vertical offerings.


Alfie Amir, Product Assessment Report- Global Industrial IoT Services

Tata Communications is leveraging APIs and SDKs to help customers integrate collaboration features into existing business applications, a capability that become increasingly critical as enterprises seek opportunities to automate processes. Tata Communications is a leading voice carrier with strong capabilities to deliver SIP trunking for real-time applications (voice/video) globally.


Gary Barton & Cindy Whelan, Collaboration and Communications Services (Global): Competitive Landscape Assessment

Tata Communications position, strategic and well established operator partnerships and platform support via its Tata Communications MOVETM solution perfectly fits market needs for eSIM.


Phil Sealy, The True Value Proposition of the eSIM , ABI Research

Tata Communications is globally recognized as a reliable and flexible connectivity provider which can offer seamless connectivity solutions, via multiple operator agreements and supporting management tools which are well suited to an eSIM environment which requires out of the box connectivity and ongoing management.


Phil Sealy, The True Value Proposition of the eSIM, ABI Research

Tata Communications is uniquely positioned to provide standalone network security solutions. With nearly 30% of the world’s internet routes, Tata Communications is better equipped in identifying network traffic patterns, employing expertly skilled staff, following industry-leading best practices, and learning new use cases every day as it monitors millions of customers. Tata Communication’s cloud based secure network platforms effectively screen between malicious and legitimate traffic through an in-house network threat protection platform, mitigate attacks, and manage risks across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.


Shweta Baidya, IDC Technology Spotlight – Network Security

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