How OTA connectivity is transforming the capabilities of modern vehicles

In the age of connectedness, Over-the-air (OTA) and Software-over-the air (SOTA) connectivity helps to facilitate the implementation and management of numerous vehicle features and services, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which enhances driver safety and telematics enabling OEMs to stay informed about the status of vehicles or fleets. Given that the development of new features for applications such as vehicle safety and convenience will be a game changer, the application of OTA and SOTA connectivity to help manage these features will become mission critical and universal across all manufacturers.

In an industry leading survey of over 100 automotive industry professionals, remote connectivity features are driving significant change and diversification in the automotive industry with key focus areas like:

  • The key solutions OTA and SOTA offer to automotive practitioners
  • The primary challenges and obstacles of OTA and SOTA implementation
  • What the future holds for OTA and SOTA

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