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Harnessing the power of comprehensive connected solutions to forge the road to automotive Utopia

  The automobile industry is focusing on vehicle connectivity to significantly improve operating processes, deliver insights and enhance the driver and passenger experience. Vehicle connectivity is fast becoming a ‘must-have’, however, this connected revolution has also created new challenges and obstacles, like meeting cost objectives, managing multiple connectivity agreements, ensuring consistent coverage and more. Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform abstracts this complexity to empower you with a unified, connected interface to monitor, control and get insight in today’s always-on world.

Single pane of glass

Vehicle manufacturers want connectivity on a global basis, but this comes with challenges, such as onboarding and integration of local Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in different geographies, monitoring network performance and efficiency, and maintaining cost objectives and profitability. Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform offers you maximum visibility with our unified platform to help you monitor, manage and control different MNO platforms and interfaces from a single portal. This unified overview also provides data patterns and essential usage insights from connected vehicles that can be analysed to help enhance services and develop new features.
Business benefits:
  • Increase operational efficiency with maximum control and visibility across your global MNO partnerships and connectivity performance from our unified portal and analytics tools.
  • Generate new revenue streams by enhancing services and developing products based on connected vehicle usage insights.
  • Provide the highest quality of connectivity and maintain cost objectives with the flexibility to choose from our 640+ MNO partnerships

Intelligent connectivity

At Tata Communications, we build more intelligence into connected automobile solutions. This ensures a dynamic approach to identifying and resolving connectivity issues. Examples include ensuring critical connectivity during network outages, meeting local connectivity requirements, and monitoring QoS in poor connectivity zones. Potential connectivity issues are efficiently diagnosed with the help of proactive analytics and monitoring, which further guides intelligence to take necessary actions. This safeguards your business from negative customer experience and reputational damage by harnessing the power to switch traffic between various networks, based on cost objectives, network quality and local connectivity requirements.
Business benefits:
  • Achieve a global connectivity footprint with the flexibility to choose from multiple MNOs across different geographies and switch network traffic as and when required
  • Ensure the highest quality of connectivity with 24×7 network quality monitoring.
  • Prevent a bad customer experience, by maintaining critical connectivity during network outages

Software Over-the-Air (SOTA) optimisation

As automobile connectivity across the globe blossoms, the adoption of Over-the-Air updates is also witnessing rapid growth. While SOTA updates represent a significant potential cost saving and service opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, there is a range of practical challenges to overcome, particularly around connectivity and security. Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform performs a pre-update health-check of the connectivity, with a country-specific intelligent algorithm to suggest the best-suited connectivity partner for SOTA updates. This, in turn, ensures optimised cost for SOTA updates, using the flexibility associated with our global MNO partnerships and AI-based vehicle profiling, to identify the optimum window for SOTA updates. This collectively facilitates secure and smooth software updates, ultimately enhancing the value of owning a truly connected vehicle.
Business benefits:
  • Achieve cost-effectiveness results, by eliminating the need to recall vehicles to the local dealership with SOTA updates
  • Build new revenue streams by offering customers the opportunity to purchase upgrades and value-added services
  • Provide an enhanced driver experience, by performing SOTA updates enabling improvement in the quality of vehicle for example increase in fuel efficiency and ensuring up-to-date services such as updated navigation apps

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