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State of the Market for Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow to a $58 billion opportunity by 2025, according to Gartner. However, deploying and managing an IoT solution comes with significant challenges, including connectivity, interoperability, and security.

Many projects have failed to deliver the promised benefits. Securing the different devices across the entire IoT estate and leveraging the vast amount of generated data requires an integrated data management platform.
Despite the challenges, nearly 60 per cent of organisations are already engaged in IoT projects, as per the Accenture study.

Experience the power of IoT backed by our expertise

At Tata Communications, we help our customers build the right IoT solutions for their businesses. We provide the platform, connectivity, and expertise that bring together men, machines and materials.

  • Get greater control of your business

    Reach, measure, and analyse all your networks with our ‘single pane of glass’ approach that integrates information feeds from every channel. Our integrated data management platform helps you uncover insights through analytics—and protects against any threats to your business.

  • Integrate enterprise mobility

    With a range of complementary Tata Communications services, including SD-WAN, collaboration, security and cloud communications services to make deployment easier and faster.

Transformative IoT solutions to drive your business forward

Explore how our portfolio of solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Tata Communications MOVE™

    Transform your IoT connectivity with MOVE™ platform. Our network-independent approach delivers seamless, secure, and platform-based solutions for businesses.

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  • Tata Communications LoRa LP-WAN

    LoRa technology is long-range, low power, and effective for battery devices with low data throughput. It complements existing wireless networks and can be used alongside them for low power and high capacity.

  • Tata Communications MOVE™ – Private Network

    The Tata Communications Private Network services encompass both LTE and 5G capabilities. The Private Network itself delivers a digital ecosystem, which is designed to help our customers realise their digital transformation journeys.

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Customer Data Points

  • A Middle East Based Airline Achieved

    • 50% reduction in baggage-related complaints

    • 50% improvement in baggage transfer time

    • Halved check-in reporting time for customers

  • A smart street light project in Saudi Arabia achieved

    • 20% energy savings post implementation

    • 80% operational savings in the time required for physical checks of streetlights

    • The project covers 83,000 lamps, hung on 64,000 lamp posts

  • An India smart city initiative was achieved

    • Centralised control for multiple services including parking, water, traffic & street lights

    • 27% energy consumption savings for 15,000 streetlights

    • ROI achieved in less than three years

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