Dealing with Hypervulnerability in a Hyperconnected World

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Building Cyber-Resilience: The Role of EDR in Threat Visibility

IT thought leaders from a variety of industries participated in a Think Tank luncheon hosted by Frost & Sullivan, the global growth advisory company for over 60 years. The group assessed the evolving hypervulnerabilities in enterprise infrastructures entrenched with digital technologies. Explore the key insights that provide a framework for enterprises that are ready to begin their journey of secure hyperconnectivity.

Mastering Hyperconnectivity: Strategies for Digital-First Enterprises

Discover vital strategies for a secure and efficient hyperconnected future

  • Digital-First Imperative

    Enterprises prioritise hyperconnectivity, demanding a digital-first strategy

    • Unified Threat Defense

      Strengthen security with holistic threat detection and management

      • Compliance & Security

        Ensure regulatory compliance for robust IT/OT security frameworks

        • Identity Protection

          Minimise threats by securing identity and access practices

          • Collaborative Hyperconnectivity

            Enhance collaboration and agility in a connected landscape

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            Prioritising Cybersecurity: The Cornerstone of Hyperconnectivity

            • 01 | 06

              Threat visibility using XDR solutions

            • 02 | 06

              Advanced endpoint and mobile workforce security

            • 03 | 06

              Zero trust framework and protocols

            • 04 | 06

              Security permission and privilege access control

            • 05 | 06

              Stricter API governance and controls

            • 06 | 06

              Comprehensive and managed security services

            Being Mindful of Customer Satisfaction

            “Cybersecurity will always be an ongoing journey. The state of digital transformation will keep maturing, and cybersecurity strategies must also transform.”

            Praveen Mishra (Yes Bank)

            Praveen Mishra (Yes Bank)

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