Elevating Customer ExperienceThrough Hyperconnected Ecosystems

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Redefining Retail Success

Delve into how Arijit Bonnerjee, Vice President & Head of India Region at Tata Communications, probes into the power of hyperconnected ecosystems in elevating customer experiences. By exploring real-life examples and the crucial elements of such ecosystems, he emphasises on how businesses can leverage hyperconnectivity to foster delightful shopping encounters, boost productivity, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately redefine success in the modern market landscape.

The Power of Hyperconnected Ecosystems

Customers often encounter overwhelmed systems and slow responses, making the shopping journey less efficient.
Poor customer support experiences can significantly affect a business’ reputation and customer loyalty.
Customer experiences were transformed by receiving a prompt call from the store’s customer service team, informing the customer about product availability the next day and offering personalised recommendations.
A hyperconnected ecosystem includes collaboration among stakeholders, connected employees with empowered tools, a strong partner network with supply chain visibility, and connected things like IoT-driven recommendations.
A hyperconnected ecosystem enhances customer experiences through proactive service, personalised recommendations, and streamlined processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved business performance.

Why Tata Communications?

As hyperconnected ecosystems are heavily technology dependent, businesses need the right partner to help simplify and manage the complexity involved and provide end-to-end solutions. Tata Communications brings together tools, platforms, skills, and expertise to help you build an agile infrastructure, enable compelling employee and customer experiences, deploy connected solutions and build digital trust.

Transforming Customer Experience with Hyperconnected Ecosystems

Being Mindful of Customer Satisfaction

“According to research by Accenture, 75% of companies are more likely to make a purchase from a company that knows their name, purchase history and recommends products based on their preferences.”

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