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Consolidated IT infrastructure supporting exponential expansion

InterGlobe Enterprises, a leader in aviation, hospitality, and travel-related services, partnered with Tata Communications to introduce a new managed hosting environment throughout its data centers. With a scattered workload and overstretched resources, InterGlobe had a high cost of ownership and maintenance overhead, leading to a decision in 2019 to consolidate its workloads and optimise manageability, scalability, and security across its seven businesses spanning the world.

After evaluating several top cloud solution providers, InterGlobe chose to partner with Tata Communications due to its availability, manageability, and scalability. InterGlobe Enterprises leveraged our IZO™ Private Cloud to accelerate its business plan of taking its existing digital estate to the cloud. By moving its workloads to Tata Communications environment, InterGlobe was able to remove unnecessary legacy network architecture and cut down on its underutilised resources. As a result, InterGlobe saw an overall cost savings of 25-30%.

Why Tata Communications

  • Expert Partner

    In-depth knowledge and experience managing IT infrastructure and business-critical workloads

  • Unwavering Dependability

    Ongoing availability of specialists for end-to-end migration support based on application interdependencies and criticality.

  • Business-Led Solutions

    Scale on demand across operating systems, and a hybrid-ready cloud platform with bespoke solutions

  • Cybersecurity Solutions

    Transform your network with our cloud-delivered security services. With our cybersecurity solutions, including Managed SASE and Governance, Risk and Compliance management, you can access a zero-trust network with ease.

Building a secure and better-connected future

InterGlobe Enterprises partnered with Tata Communications to enhance its security and business continuity plans by establishing a Disaster Recovery (DR) facility. The DR services were integrated into the IZO™ Private Cloud, with a data centre in Bangalore operational in just three months.

In 2022, InterGlobe deployed IZO™ SDWAN in 30+ locations across India to manage traffic prioritisation and congestion, maintain high-quality data transfer, and enable rapid deployment and provisioning in remote locations.

By implementing IZO™ SDWAN, InterGlobe can view and manage connectivity from a single integrated and centralised dashboard, reducing complexity and allowing for easier management at scale.

InterGlobe’s journey to success

  • 01 | 08

    25%-30% cost reduction with the flexibility to adapt based on evolving requirements

  • 02 | 08

    Leaner, agile, and more efficient team

  • 03 | 08

    High volumes of data and a lack of data integration and analysis

  • 04 | 08

    Misaligned CX and employee experience (EX)

  • 05 | 08

    Limited omnichannel optimisation

  • 06 | 08

    Inconsistent customer feedback loops

  • 07 | 08

    Demonstratable ROI

  • 08 | 08

    Optimizing customer experience and engagement with Cloud-Based Platforms

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