Tata Communications enables ABP Pvt Ltd to build loyalty with its audiences by offering a great customer experience


Virtual machines


Application availability


ABP wanted to develop a hyperlocal newspaper app (ABP SA) customised for a particular district cluster with the objective to empower and engage readers through audio-visuals, opinion polls, citizen journalism, contests etc. To host this app along with the company’s web portal, they wanted a reliable, secure, scalable and stable platform that can offer a great customer experience to build loyalty with audiences who have shown specific preferences for local/ district cluster news.


With outdated hardware, issues surfaced in scalability and refresh was expensive hence migration of applications to public cloud (AWS) was proposed as a solution. Legacy applications as well as the new app will be hosted and managed in the AWS cloud. AWS data centres will host 8 virtual machines and other AWS services.


Migration to cloud has resulted in minimum latency and 99.9% application availability at all times leading to enhanced customer experience. Moreover, scalable infrastructure easily accommodates the fluctuating website traffic.

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“We use AWS cloud as one of our key partners for building the backbone of our various customer facing apps and to host and download a wide range of media files including images, documents. It is very reliable and there almost never seems to be an interruption in service leading to a great experience for our audience. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, Tata Communications enables a seamless, secure connectivity to AWS and provides full infrastructure support. It is very easy for us to spin up new virtual computing environments, as needed, and on demand. They help us maximise the use of agile cloud for our business.”

Bishwajit Kolay

Head of WEB & Mobile apps, ABP PVT LTD


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