Tata Communications furthers business transformation for Akshaya Patra to ensure that children’s education is not affected by hunger


Million children




States in India


In India hunger deters many children from attending school. Thanks to the Akshaya Patra Foundation that’s changing. However, its ability to deliver hot meals to schools was being affected by an expensive-to-manage and hard-to-scale IT infrastructure. With downtime becoming more frequent, it was time to create a platform for growth.


Now, an IZO™ Private Cloud solution sees critical data and applications running on virtual servers in the Tata Communications data centre in Bangalore, while a Tata Communications Global VPN offers connectivity to key sites in Lucknow and Jaipur. Meanwhile, Tata Communications security specialists act to avert cyberthreats.


With unbroken access to key applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Office 365, branch and remote workers work more efficiently. Moving to a consumption-based model means Akshaya Patra only pays monthly for the IaaS resources it uses. The fully managed service releases the IT team from its hardware-support burden.

“Like all non-governmental organisations, we must manage funds carefully. Getting more value from our IT spend is a key part of that challenge; one that’s been considerably eased thanks to our partnership with Tata Communications.”

Vijay Kumar

IT Director, Akshaya Patra Foundation


  • IZO™ Private Cloud
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