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As a BFSI with presence in 35 countries , data security was of top priority Having global applications hosted at multiple inhouse Data Centres (DCs) in the US, a private and secure connectivity with traffic prioritization across office locations and DCs was needed

– Having deployed new VPN gateway in their inhouse DCs for their Work from Home (WFH) users across India, network uptime was critical

– As part of their WAN redesign project, the company planned to establish third-party DCs in India in the next 3 to 4 years to bring the network in-line with other geographies in terms of topology

– The Bank also wanted a solution to communicate within the organization and with their Global clientele without having to install applications on client devices




– Global MPLS within our secure global infrastructure addressed the requirement of security. It’s 6 Class of service (COS) Model allows routing based on traffic profile

– We provided MPLS and Internet Connectivity with Redundant Access Network and proactive monitoring of services to achieve >= 99.9% of SLA Uptime.

– Our strong global and domestic presence meant the customer could rely solely on us for it’s upcoming WAN redesign project

– To establish communication internally as well as with clients, an Audio-Conferencing Numbering Solution (ACNS) with toll-free numbers was deployed

– We have a dedicated Customer Success Team (CST) for quick resolution in case of issues/concerns raised




Network Services

– Enhanced security with complete end-to-end control over packet data

– 5-10% revenue improvement expected by connecting new sites over MPLS

– Better flexibility, greater efficiency and improved performance with traffic prioritization

– Higher SLA uptime >= 99.9% ensured business continuity and improved customer experience Audio Conferencing Services

– Achieved cost reduction of 10 to 15%




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