Cairn, India’s largest oil and gas company avails the benefits of Cloud for secure and durable storage of data archival


Data availability


Files share


Files used


Cairn India was looking for a Cloud partner to perform file server migration for data archival. They also wanted to ensure that, there was no provision of sending any data of Cairn outside the jurisdiction of India. With 200+ file shares and 5M+ files used, the implementation of backup policies and data security must ensure high data availability. To further reduce the cost, infrequently accessed data to be moved to low-cost storage.


A Managed Volume Gateway of AWS with a capacity of 80 TB on S3, ensures best performance at server, storage and file share to the end users. Primary data is stored on customer DC, while asynchronously backing up that data to Amazon S3 using AWS EBS services. AWS S3 Glacier, a low-cost archival service provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup. Implementation of secure and direct connectivity from Customer DC to AWS DC including WAN link. AWS ensure implementation of Encryption during data transfer on cloud Storage.


With the Successful file share migration to cloud by keeping data locally in on-premises DC and maintain backups in AWS, there is low-latency access to data. The gateway also uploads the data to the AWS Cloud with low latency and high security. AWS Volume Gateway – cached volume give the better user experience. . Moving the data to Amazon S3 Glacier has reduced the cost significantly by 15% per month.

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“We were looking for a cloud partner to help maintain our data locally in India without the provision of any outside access and Tata Communications was our CSB partner. We were impressed by the Cost-effectiveness and the ideal solution provided by Tata Communications by the implementation of AWS Volume Gateway and Amazon Glacier. Their commitment to provide all time support has been key to help drive our business forward.”

Nagarajan Krishnan

DGM, Cairn