"How can we interconnect worldwide regional hubs at high speed, reliably and cost effectively?" enquired Continental, a European global vehicle partsmaker.


With brands recognised the world over, this European car component manufacturer had appointed a single network supplier in each of its five regions. The problem was establishing high-speed connections between the regional hubs, reliably and cost effectively.


Tata Communications proposed a Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet mesh topology with 10 separate links running at speeds up to 10Gbps.Dual active/active main links are provided, with a tertiary backup if the worst should happen.


In addition to corporate collaborative apps like voice and video conferencing, Continental runs its mission-critical SAP S4/HANA ERP traffic over the global network. Each region has dual data centres for disaster recovery and hubs in Singapore, China, the US, Germany and India are kept completely in sync.

“Tata Communications provided us with the highly redundant top-performing international company backbone required to reach all our global regions at high speed and with the utmost availability.”
– Spokesperson at Continental

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