Tata Communications enables DLF to transition its IT infrastructure to cloud for better reliability, security & stability


With aggressive expansion plans, DLF was looking for a scalable solution that reduces TCO without diluting its capital / staff resources. Need was also to migrate and host existing IT infrastructure from an on-premise to a cloud-based architecture for better reliability, security and stability. In addition, DLF needed a disaster recovery solution for its business critical applications running on RAMCO system for high availability and resilience (in case of any failover).


A Microsoft Azure managed services solution from Tata Communications covering DC / DR setup which includes cloud infrastructure, network components and storage. Also, continuous replication between DC and DR ensured applications are up and running at all times. IZO™ Private Connect service ensured cloud traffic is carried at high-speed over the Global VPN and full UTM features were implemented to protect the infrastructure from attacks.


Post implementation a 35% reduction in TCO was perceived. Improved availability of its compute and storage environment is reflected in greater end-user satisfaction. Apart from a fault-free process-driven migration of existing on-premise architecture to Azure cloud including databases, reconfiguration of applications on RAMCO, DLF also witnessed increased predictability and reduced uncertainty of business operations due to strong governance.

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“Our legacy managed service didn’t offer the required agility. Provided by a well-known systems integrator on physical servers it was also painfully expensive to run, requiring a CapEx-funded upgrade every time we needed more capacity. We chose a Microsoft Azure Managed Services solution from Tata Communications as the two companies are a perfect fit. DLF applications including our ERP platform and intranet portal are hosted in the cloud. We were impressed by the Tata Communications transition processes, which used best practice templates for information gathering to ensure absolutely nothing got missed.”

Gyan Tripathy

Assistant Vice President - IT, DLF


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