Tata Communications Hybrid IZO™ Internet WAN provides secure and cost-effective access to worldwide corporate services








An independent expert in risk management, and recognised advisor to the maritime and oil and gas industries, this company had a third party MPLS based WAN serving some 15,000 employees in 325 offices across 100 countries. With the trend towards the cloud, it was seeking an Internet based global network to improve agility and reduce costs.


A hybrid IZO™ Internet WAN with Global VPN links and Managed Security Services (MSS) was proposed by Tata Communications. Major data centres in Scandinavia, the US and Singapore are served by dual MPLS and high bandwidth Internet services, while hub sites are Internet only. MSS are cloud based with managed firewalls at main data centres


End to end lifecycle management of the hybrid IZO ™Internet WAN by Tata Communications has cured customer headaches like end of life hardware issues. With network and security apps largely hosted in the cloud, upgrade and licensing issues are things of the past. All users enjoy lower risk and increased productivity from faster delivery and high network availability. 

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"Global network management from Tata Communications frees us to concentrate on our core business, while improving our people’s efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, high availability enhances the customer experience."

Øystein Eide

Vice President, Head of Cloud Infrastructure, DNV AS

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