Providing integrated network and security solution to global bank


Network infrastructure underpins the success of cloud migration. As part of its transition to Office 365, it was important for the bank to transform the underlaying network for optimum experience with O365 environment and for supporting the core applications in its private data centers. The shift to cloud also made local internet breakout mandatory for their Office 365 application traffic directly from their branch offices to enable branch / remote users get the highest quality of experience for O365.. Security had to be enforced to safeguard office/branches from security threat.


Running over Tata Communications’ global IP backbone, IZO™ Internet WAN provides deterministic routing of traffic for predictable performance of the network. Integrated network and security solution provides consistent network performance and state-of-the-art security. The solution also supports Internet access which is ideal for non-critical or SaaS based traffic.


The bank has witnessed increased operational efficiency and cost-efficient VPN network over internet domain. The user productivity enhanced due to reduction in business application downtime & single point of failure. Corporate and critical traffic were securely transported between sites with guaranteed latency. The non-critical or SaaS-based user traffic is carried with improved performance via local internet breakout.

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“The network is becoming increasingly critical as more business applications are being migrated to cloud. The network need to match the agility and scalability of the cloud model. Tata Communications’ IZOTM Internet WAN is an innovative global WAN service that is a perfect solution for someone looking to introduce cloud services to their existing IT set up and extend their global reach to new markets. It provides significant reduction in network cost and business grade end-to-end SLA across the public Internet. Tata Communications is helping us increase our global footprint and support our customers to fulfil their true international potential.”

Global Bank Spokesperson