Global Cybershield

A leading provider of transformative end-to-end IT solutions for Global 1000 companies, this organisation’s client-centric engagement model combines onsite resources with the cost and quality advantages of offshore operations. Commitment to long-term customer success empowers every one of its associates to provide value and flexibility beyond the contract.


Expanding its business across all continents, IT Solutions Company wanted a single management pane of glass for its web security platform, so that its IT Infrastructure Centre of Excellence (COE) team could control global Internet access from one location. In particular, the company was looking for Internet security options for roaming users.


Internet access was controlled through on-premise web security devices in all offices. Managing appliances upgrades, while coping with frequent unplanned downtime, was taking a toll on the IT Infrastructure COE team’s focus and roaming users’ productivity. Tata Communications’ Virtual Proxy Service (vProxy) proved a transformational choice.


With a full management wrap from Tata Communications, vProxy is based on Zscaler technology. Supplied under a per-user pricing model, it frees-up the IT Infrastructure COE team’s time to focus on strategic initiatives. Now, global security policies are consistently implemented, and users are protected wherever they may be.

“As a service-oriented company we handle a lot of customer data, so security is our utmost business priority.”