A Tata Communications customised GSIGS and managed authentication (mAuth) solution went live in two weeks to securely connect 18,000 employees around the world.


As the COVID-19 crisis took hold, employees at this global consultancy needed to be able to work securely from home. This involved remotely accessing data and apps at end customers’ sites located around the world, in compliance with stringent security policies.


Tata Communications’ Global Secure Internet Gateway Service (GSIGS) ensured 24×7 protection and control for ultra- secure remote access. Along with this virtual unified threat management (vUTM) service, mAuth (2FA) solution added an extra security layer.


During the pandemic, the global consultancy is seamlessly able to support customer projects globally while working from home. Business continuity is preserved, and customer satisfaction has been very high throughout.

“To ensure continuity of service to our customers during the COVID-19 crisis, we needed to move to a work from home set-up. Tata Communications offered the extreme agility and speed of execution we needed, working on-the-fly to deliver projects within 24 hours in some cases. The solution is supported from the Tata Communications service centre 24/7.”

Spokesperson, global IT and business consultancy company

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