GSIGS and managed authentication from Tata Communications offered secure and reliable access to organisational assets


Hit by the COVID-19 lockdown, the customer’s business continuity plan (BCP) came under scrutiny. The need was to enable data and voice functionality for its work from home (WFH) users, while ensuring secure access to corporate applications and adherence to regulatory compliance.


Following a proof of concept, Tata Communications’ GSIGS and managed authentication (mAuth) solution was enabled by installing secure socket layer (SSL) client software on PCs and laptops in use by the staff. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) added a second security layer.


Including the COVID requirement needs analysis, proof of concept, and VPN upgrade, the entire project took just two weeks. Some 1,000 staff then got highly secure remote access in just two days. Regulatory compliance was achieved. Collaboration with the customer business team led to a great end user experience.


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“The Tata Communications response to our COVID-19 emergency was exemplary. In particular, the multi-disciplinary customer support team worked seamlessly to assure success in the shortest possible time.”


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